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My girlfriend, Laurie, and I met up with Matt & Lauren Larsen and Andrew Shepherd the other night at the Libertine to celebrate Matt's newly inked arm.  They are all such wonderful people and I'm very blessed to know them all.  Matt's tattoo says "Life", which has a slew of meanings but the most obvious is that it's his daughters name, and she is so entirely fitting of the name.  If you want to know more I highly reccommend reading the posts from this summer here, it might possibly change your life. It was also fun to just take some photos that didn't have any client attached to them...I almost forgot what that was like.  [and the pink thing on Matt's arm is not a arm band, it's plastic wrap around his tattoo, just fyi.  And Laurie, I'm sorry I didn't get any photos of you...you were sitting in the dark, there was nothing I can do.  You're pretty.]  In conclusion: Fun times had by all. libertine_0003_edit


{below photo snapped by the one and only Andrew Shepherd} libertine_0007_edit

{below photo snapped by the one and only Andrew Shepherd} libertine_0008_edit_bw


{Matt paid...he's swell.} libertine_0012_edit

Andrew's weapon of choice. libertine_0013_edit





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