Nick & Kate Box - Wedding!

Finally...a wedding on my blog!  I'm so excited about posting this wedding for your viewing pleasure.  Nick and Kate are two close friends of mine and it brings me such joy to be a part of their day in any form or fashion.  From the rehearsal to the reception, the entire wedding was fabulous.  They ceremony and reception were held at Highland Park Baptist Church, in Dallas, TX.  It is a gorgeous place and so cool to photo in.  I like to take my time in creating the presentation of an even such as this for my blog readers, I like to tell the whole story.  I want you to feel as if you were there and were a part of it yourself.  Hopefully it will be as magnificent for you as it was for me. (*side note: thanks to everyone who I made stand out in the cold to take photographs...because it was reeeaallly cold!) box_wedding_comp_1







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