O'Brien Wedding

Bianca and Thomas.... man o'man, I get so overwhelmed when thinking back to their wedding. I met with Bianca and Thomas about a year before the wedding and instantly felt like best friends. It wasn't until the rehearsal dinner that I saw them again and it felt like I was seeing old friends I'd know my entire life and was just so excited to catch up! They both have the biggest hearts and are surrounded by people who love them deeply and whom they love deeply. It was such an incredible honor to witness these exchanges.  The wedding was a backyard wedding in Flower Mound, TX and was outrageously cool. They spent a lot of time on and put a lot of love in all the details and everything was perfect.  I'm kind at a loss for words, so I can say about the day is that it was amazing. But wouldn't you know it, as soon as my new bffe's got married they up and moved to Florida and I'm left sad in TX because now I can't hang out with them. I guess I'll just have to move to Florida too.

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