Sheila // Dallas Bride

I can't say enough about my experience with Sheila and Bilal (their engagement session will be posted soon, I'm trying to catch up on all these blog posts!).  They are two wonderful people who invited me into all their Pakistani wedding traditions. It's such an amazing experience getting to see into other cultures and their traditions, especially wedding traditions.  We shot Sheila's bridals at her parent's home in Rockwall, TX. She wanted it to be in a more intimate, meaningful setting rather than a hotel or a city street. I loved the idea, especially since their home is GORGEOUS!! Along with the beauty of their home I was blown away by the amazingness that is her dress! I included a couple detail shots so you could see the intricacies that went into this thing. I believe she said it was hand made just for her and took over a year to make. Wowzers, amazing. On top of all these things, Sheila knows how to work the camera and absolutely dominated modeling for the shoot. Great, amazing, fantastic, outrageous, ridiculous job, Sheila!!

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