Bilal & Sheila // Dallas Pakistani Wedding

Shooting Sheila & Bilal's Pakistani wedding was definitely a great experience for me. It was so wonderful to step out of my norm and experience the wedding traditions of another culture. Their wedding consisted of countless gatherings and celebrations, of which I photographed three major ones. First was the Engagement Ceremony, Mangni, about 4 months before the wedding to formally mark the engagement of the couple and exchange the rings. Next was the Henna Party, Mayoun, the day before the wedding. And finally was the actual wedding day, Shaadi. It was amazing... and kind of a photo marathon, but it was a blast. Sorry there are so many images in this post, but it's only a fraction of the total amount, ha. Enjoy. And thanks to my buddy Andrew Shepherd for 2nd shooting with me on the wedding day. Make sure to check out his work here.

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