Going Honeymooning

This is a very surreal week for me because, well, I'm getting married this weekend.  I have found my match. My companion. My soul mate. Her name is Shannon and she has agreed to be my wife! She is by far the best human being I've ever met, and for some reason she seems to be pretty fond of me too. It has been the most joyous season of my life since Shannon and I have been together and I can't wait to see her walking down the isle towards me, towards our new life together.  We are joining together on Saturday and then leaving town on Sunday for a week. I'll be out of the office until March 11th, so if you have inquires or questions I will respond then. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Here are a few photos from our love story. First, a few frames from when I took her to New York to pop the question. My friend and fantastic photographer, Sara Kerens (www.sarakerensphotography.com), was on the scene to snap the photos when I put my camera down and dropped to my knee. Second, our save the date video. We loved all the photos so much we just decided to use ALL of them instead of just one. Third, our engagement photos taken by the incredible Sara & Rocky (www.saraandrocky.com)! And last but not least, Leo, our dog. Cheers to marrying way out of my league!

Recap: I'm getting married, I'll be out of the office until March 11th. Talk to you then.

The proposal in NY, photos by Sara Kerens.

Our amazing engagement photos by our dear friends, Sara & Rocky.

Our dog, Leo, on a walk at the lake :)

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