TJ + Timmy • Intergalactic Engagements

Somebody call a Doctor, preferably the 9th or 10th. And when you hear a mysterious groan and see a blue box materialize before your eyes, know that you are saved. And if this illustration makes you happy to your timey-wimey core, you are a geek. But it's alright, because so are the Menarys, and so is this stellar couple.

Every once in a while, we get an adventurous duo with cosmic enthusiasm, and they let Shaun flex his Photography Lord* muscles. The result this time is some epic portraits for avid Whovians with hearts that are infinitely bigger on the inside.

Oh, and you may have already seen this on Buzzfeed because it's already been shared over 36,000 times?? 

*This is a reference to the show, Doctor Who, on which these portraits were based. We have no egotistical assumptions that Shaun is a lord of any kind.