JAMIE ♥ AMY • A Luxury Destination Wedding on Maui, Hawaii

THESE TWO are the reason Levi is here; we’re convinced of this.

Amy and Jamie are the life-of-the-party types, always generously ensuring that there’s a drink in your hand, even if means throwing another round on their own tab. Shaun and I were the recipients of their enthusiasm on one particular Thursday evening after we wrapped their engagement session. We all walked over to Cedars Social for a round of drinks that turned into a few rounds of them drinking us under the table and a few sloppy iPhone photos for proof. Well, you all know what kind of hubba-hubba happens next, just real talk here. Fast forward about eight weeks and SURPRISE!

Since Shaun and I had no plans to have kids, we were shocked and, quite frankly, devastated for a couple weeks. But once we got over ourselves, and now that a year later, our Levi (AKA Our Pure Joy, Our Heart, and The-Best-Thing-That’s-Ever-Happened-To-Us-Besides-Each-Other) is here, we’re indebted to Amy and Jamie for getting us drunk and essentially making us whoopsie parents. But the joke’s on them cuz they got pregnant on their honeymoon…na-na na-na boo-boo!

Anyhow, here they are getting married in enthusiastic style in a luxury destination wedding on Maui. It’s beautiful, and they’re beautiful, and we hope you enjoy it! This one includes a whale-watching excursion for guests the day before the wedding, ooh aah!

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