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Lauren ♥ Chart: A Love Story Made in Texas
Elizabeth ♥ Jake • A Classy Affair at the Fort Worth Modern

LOVE these two. And the only reason we got to photograph their wedding is because the badass who WOULD have photographed it is one of the groom’s best friends (Grant Daniels, anyone?). So we’ll take being the backup option if it means getting to photograph people like Elizabeth and Jake - these kind, warm souls who…

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LAUREN ♥ MATT • A Gem-Themed Reception at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Lollipop microphone. When you have the perfect combination a fully stocked candy table, a fantastic live band, and a bride and groom KILLIN' it up on the stage, the elusive lollipop microphone might appear. Thankfully, on this glorious night, at this sublime reception, Lauren blessed us with some rad lip syncing and a magnificent…

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JAMIE ♥ AMY • A Luxury Destination Wedding on Maui, Hawaii

THESE TWO are the reason Levi is here; we’re convinced of this. Amy and Jamie are the life-of-the-party types, always generously ensuring that there’s a drink in your hand, even if means throwing another round on their own tab. Shaun and I were the recipients of their enthusiasm on one particular Thursday evening after we…

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