Alex ♥ Sarah

Sheesh, where do I even begin with Sarah and Alex? I detest the phrase, "I literally cannot even" for so...many...reasons. Firstly, what you actually mean is "I figuratively cannot even," which is literally the opposite yet correct word. Secondly, I know it's technically a sentence because it has a subject and a verb, but come're not actually saying anything. The reason I feel fully justified going on this [slightly condescending] rant is that Sarah and I both were english majors, so I know she'll enjoy it. I've known Alex since kindergarten, and he has always "marched to the beat of his own drum," as they say. I've known Sarah for a couple of years now, and as it turns out, the two of them had simply been marching to the same drums that nobody else could hear. They are perfect. They are goofy, quirky, and perfect, and we are honored to have the pleasure of photographing them. 

But for all intents and purposes (not "all intensive purposes"...makes sense if you think about it, right?) of such a poorly constructed disaster of a sentence, it's definitely how I feel about this portrait session - awestruck by the magnificence. I literally cannot even.

Thank you to Texas Truck Yard for letting us crash your rad space!

Bonus Image - "Senior Portraitz":

candid unique wedding photographer dallas 33.jpg

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