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Elisa is a photographer among many other things...

…plant mom, traveler, foodie, yogi, sarcasm-master, music enthusiast and more. She loves photographing weddings because photographing the best day of someone's life is absolutely thrilling, joyous, and FUN! She feels that getting to capture the story of a couple's big day and give them images that will be in their family forever is an honor.

Elisa received her BFA with a photography emphasis in 2012 and uses her trained eye to take pictures that are unique and beautiful, no matter what the subject. She went full-time freelance in 2017 and enjoys the wild ride of the freelance life and the variety projects that come her way. Elisa believes that everyone is connected in some way and she connects with her clients in a both a professional and deeply personal way. She is extremely empathetic so she usually chokes up just a bit at every wedding she photographs, even if everyone there is a complete stranger. 


Take a look at some of Elisa’s work: