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Peruse the summer 2016 issue…

of Martha Stewart Weddings and you'll encounter Tara and Dan: Power Couple. We knew within minutes of meeting them that they would be a phenomenal fit for us. And while some assume that a single woman out of her 20s is either mentally unstable (you know, because her uterus makes her nuts-o), unable to have kids (gasp!), or simply bad at relationships, I'm here to say that Tara is PERFECTION. She's confident and ambitios, an entrepreneur, operating a vintage resale shop via Etsy. It's called Victor & Paulette, and it boasts some rad finds. Have a look! Entrepreneurial spirit aside, we admire Tara because she waited it out for Dan, refusing to waste time on the inferior. In this culture that esteems instant gratification and demands validation from peers, Tara waited for her match.

And what a match it is. These two are marvelous together - fun, intentional, kind, and cool as hell. A raging Texas thunderstorm blew in just as dinner started, and these two ran out for a quick wind-blown photo just before the rain unleashed. 

Tara and Dan hosted an intimate and meaningful wedding, attended by their closest and best, all crunched affectionally indoors during the reception by cause of the storm. And of course, Tara designed and executed some exquisite details of which Martha Stewart Weddings approves! 

Oh, also...that DRESS. 





Thank you to the wedding professionals who contributed to this beauty!
Event design: We + You
Location: Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
Dress: Yolan Cris
Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets
Stationary: Invited
Calligraphy: Butler's Pantry
Ceremony music: European Ensemble Strings
DJ: DJ Deluxe
Hair: Tasha Graham at Live Hair Group
Dan's suit: Hugo Boss


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