Here's the deal: good things aren't cheap, and cheap things aren't good. If you're overwhelmed by all your options for a Dallas wedding photographer and have resorted to searching for an "expensive wedding photographer" in Dallas to narrow down the field to high quality wedding photographers, we get you, and we're glad you found this page.

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If you haven't had a chance to review our galleries, you can see them on our homepage to get an idea of our work. We thrive on candid wedding photography, those moments that implore to be cemented into memories, and we love brides and grooms who value creativity and emotionally moving images. 

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So why are we expensive? We've listed a few reasons below. But first, we ask for a tiny shift in perspective. Instead of thinking of us as "expensive," please think of us as "valuable." If you love a certain wedding photographer's work, you'll be happy you spent the money. Years down the road, you won't remember the number, but you will have the memories. So why are we worth the money?

We have eight years and over 250 weddings under our belt.

Weddings are fast-paced, delightfully emotional, and above all, the most important day of somebody's life. It's not enough to be able to operate a camera properly. A wedding photographer must know what's important to photograph and how to be in the right place to capture it. A wedding photographer must know how to create an environment wherein their couples feel relaxed. On any given wedding day, there will be dozens of lighting situations, so a wedding photographer must have the ability to assess any area quickly and to construct a lighting approach that makes the space look amazing. A wedding photographer must know how to interact professionally, patiently, and kindly with you and all of your guests (especially if they were particularly "thirsty"). These qualities come with experience.

We know how to capture candid moments.

Once the moments pass, they're gone. After having shot over 250 weddings, we know when the moments are coming, how to anticipate them, and how to photograph them. 

We shoot all types of weddings.

Some photographers "specialize" in artistic weddings, intimate weddings, luxury weddings, destination weddings, outdoor weddings, etc. We love all weddings because our focus is our couples. Amazing and wonderful people get married every weekend in every style of wedding. With our light training and experience in every type of setting, you can relax knowing we have it under control. We've shot everything from a family-only, intimate destination wedding in Greece, to an extravagant wedding in Dallas, to an elopement in New York, to a luxury destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, and so many more in between. We've shot weddings for couples who stretched the budget to the limit to hire us, and we've shot weddings where the couple purchased one of everything without blinking. The common denominators were that the couple valued photography and that our images made them happy. If you're interested, here are some short articles on our website containing information and insights regarding intimate weddings, destination weddings, and luxury weddings.

We are high quality wedding photographers.

Photography is subjective, so it's impossible to outline exactly what makes photography universally "good." However, it's not difficult to pinpoint what makes wedding photography high quality. Properly exposed images with intentional framing and composition, the capture of the right moments, nicely lit images in all lighting situations, these are all hallmarks of high quality wedding photography and an accomplished photographer. A photographer who exhibits these qualities will be an expensive wedding photographer.

Shaun has a photography degree.

Great camera gear has never been so affordable and accessible. Basically, anybody can invest in a great camera, take clients out just before sunset, and take some truly compelling and beautiful photographs. However, producing beautiful photographs in any other situation requires an expanded skill set.  For most indoor Dallas receptions, we shoot a dark room with uplighting, pin-spotted details, and moving party lights, all whilst maintaining the look of the room and, most importantly, featuring a beautifully lit subject. Sound tricky? It totally is, and Shaun knows exactly how it's done. Furthermore, he knows great techniques to show movement and to properly convey not just the look, but also the feel of a reception. You'll be paying a lot of money to give your reception a certain vibe, and we'll make sure it's photographed properly. And if you're doing all outdoors with all natural light, well that's easy peasy for somebody with light training. 

We're a husband and wife team.

Aside from the obvious fact that you get two photographers for complete coverage, there are a few great reasons that a husband and wife photography team offer exceptional value. My favorite is simply the fact that we've been the bride and groom! We know what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera on the wedding day, so we basically know what you need. Also, we've been on the receiving end of wedding photographs, so we know what is truly important to deliver. And lastly, we love marriage. We genuinely and deeply love being married, and we therefore find a great deal of joy in photographing loving couples starting on the same marvelous journey. We feel strongly that love for what we do reflects in our work ethic and in our product.

We're not a studio.

We're not knocking studio photographers! Some truly great Dallas photographers are part of a studio. However, sometimes you'll find yourself paying for the name on the door rather than the quality of the work. Again, some studio photographers are truly amazing and totally worth the money, and before booking, you should ask for an entire wedding gallery from the actual photographer who would be assigned to your event.

We are award-winning wedding photographers.

I know, that definitely seems like a braggy thing to say. But the point is simply to convey that you don't have to take our word for it. We're grateful that contest judges find our images moving and award-worthy. Best of all, our award-winning wedding images are photographs from real weddings delivered to real couples. We truly put all of our energy and creativity into our craft, and we're exceedingly grateful that other people are as moved by the results as we are.

We do wedding photography for a full-time living.

Photography is how we support ourselves. It is our one and only job. We don't split our time, which ensures a high quality product and intentional customer service.

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At the end of the wedding day, the cake is gone, the food is eaten, the flowers are wilted, and the dress is in the closet. After that, your wedding photographs are the one and only way you will have to remember and relive your wedding day. For that reason, if wedding photography is a priority to you, it's definitely not the place to cut the budget.

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Wanna talk numbers? You can visit our Information Page for general pricing information, or you can visit our Contact Page to request information specific to your wedding.

To see more of this expensive Dallas wedding photographer's work, peruse the homepage galleries and blog, or simply contact them directly for samples.