Emma + Johnathan


“I knew from the minute we were engaged that I didn't want anyone else as our wedding photographers. To start, I had seen the work they did on my Brother and his wife's wedding and was in awe of everything. 
These two were made for each other, their love and infectious personalities add the cherry on top to the ability Shaun and Shannon have behind the camera. 
We had a lot of fun and they really make you feel beautiful. I took my bridals in mid December outside and it was in the 30's . They did an awesome job and made me look flawless. I received my pictures very quickly and fell in love. 

On the day of our wedding, it was raining and muddy, they found the best spots to photograph and when the rain stopped we finished out pictures off the porch, and my husband carried me to each spot they had picked out. 

I know that I will forever be able to remember every detail of our wedding because of these two. I cannot begin to express how experienced and able they are when it comes to weddings and photography in general. 
Thank you Shaun and Shannon for everything!

Emma & Jonathan

McKinney, Texas