So you’re a wedding photographer! Pretty dope, right? You have freedom, flexibility, and you get to hang out with rad people on the best day of their lives. What’s not to love? We’ll tell you what’s not to love. Taxes. And insurance. Business plans. Figuring out pricing. Backup systems. Keepin’ it fresh. Blog submissions. Appalling reception lighting. You get the idea. 

Enter the Menarys. We own and operate a thriving, 10 year old wedding photography business that we built from scratch, so basically, we’ve learned a thing or two. 

Our mentor session isn't a typical puppies-and-rainbows situation where you leave with the warm and fuzzies, jazzed up to tackle your next wedding, bursting with the aspiration to #liveyourbestlife, and then you quickly deflate with the realization that you didn’t actually acquire any new skills. Womp womp. 

We will help you succeed. We’ll equip you with practical, applicable skills and then AP-English-class-style QUIZ you on that shit just to make sure you were paying attention. You will leave with more photography skills and more business skills…and I’m sure we can also find a puppy for you to take home, if that was a deal breaker for you. 


[ 1 - O N - 1's ]

We'll treat you to coffee at our office and cover topics tailored to your needs. You choose the areas of focus, and nothing's off the table. Pick our brains and cram in as many questions as you can!

3 Hour [ 1-ON-1 ]

You can expect to cover 3-4(ish) topics, more if you're a fast learner.

8 hour [ 1-ON-1 ]

You can expect to cover 8-10(ish) topics or more. Lunch included.

Studio Management Intensive [ 1-ON-1 ]

An 8 hour day with Shannon specifically designed to train you and/or your assistant to manage your studio's day to day operations. 



SOME TOPICS WE CAN COVER: Portfolio review / Business goals / Data managements / Backups / Workflow / Emotional images / Capturing real moments / Anticipating the shot / Making your subjects feel comfortable / Natural light / Off Camera lighting / Reception lighting / Camera & exposure / Workflow / Lightroom / Wedding day scheduling / Day to day operations / Customer service / Client experience / Email wizardry / Social media / Album design / Office management / Blog submissions / Getting published / Vendor relations / Networking / Pricing / Sales / Prisms and light effects / AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF