The Menary Weddings COLLECTIVE

Over 11 years, we’ve photographed 300 Dallas, Forth Worth, Austin, destination, and luxury weddings.

We’ve got this thing down.

So we figured it’s about time to bring some friends into the fold.

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We’ve recruited some remarkably dynamite talent - three women, each a smashing wedding photographer in her own right whom we’re lucky to have on our team. We’ve collaborated with each photographer, honing her exceptional talent with the Menary Weddings style and process. The result is the high-quality wedding photography, customer service, and care you expect from Menary Weddings, all from a seasoned, hand-picked associate photographer ready to capture all that love.



why we love her:

While perusing Elisa’s portfolio, Shaun remarked, “You know, Elisa really has an artistic eye, but her images are still so natural and relatable.” We love that when Elisa photographs a wedding, we know the images are going to be truly unique! And on top of that, once, when I asked if she was available for a meeting, she said with neither exclamation point nor emoji, “I’ll need to see if somebody can watch my cat.” She’s got a dry wit that you’ll miss if you’re not paying attention, she can keep all your plants alive, and she’s the absolute master of going with the flow.


Why we love her:

We actually had the immense pleasure of photographing Heather’s Virgin Islands wedding weekend, so we got to spend more time with her than most. And you don’t go off and get married in the Virgin Islands unless you just love life. This woman is always warming the room up with the sweetest and most sincere smile and laughter, but don’t worry, this mama can also take charge of a rowdy bunch of people! Her images are bright and fresh, and she’s got a MAJOR knack for capturing those wedding day candid, joyful smiles - those moments you’ll want to look back on for the rest of your life.


WHy We Love Her:

We’re certain that if you’ve spent any time Googling Dallas wedding photographers, you will definitely have come across her name. She’s made herself a staple in the Dallas wedding market, and as a matter of fact, we’ve often referred clients to her for dates for which we had already been retained. She constructs thoughtful, compelling, and gorgeous images, makes all of her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, and can handle all the pressures of a wedding day with quiet confidence. And on a personal note, this woman has that servant’s heart of absolute GOLD.


Your Menary Collective wedding imagery will be candid, clean, and fun! Heavy on the documentary perspective with a hint of each photographer’s artistic aesthetic, your images will help you relive all the smiles, joy, and little lost moments from your wedding day in a unique and compelling way.



The Menary Collective studio is located in the funky Bishop Arts district of Dallas, and all clients are served on location across the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Our photographers are also available for wedding photography commissions in Austin, TX for a nominal stipend. And yeah buddy, all of our exceptional women LOVE to travel and would be tickled to photograph your destination wedding, stateside or international!

Between Menary Weddings and the The Menary Weddings Collective, we can serve up to four wonderful couples on a wedding day, each with the utmost care, attention to detail, and high customer service. If Shaun and Shannon are already retained, or if you need something a little easier on the ol’ budget, INQUIRE HERE to see which Menary Collective wedding photographer is available for your wedding date.


what’s the difference between the menary collective and menary weddings?


When you book Menary Collective, you’ll get one of The Menarys’ hand-picked and personally trained associate photographers on the wedding day. If you’d like Shaun and Shannon to photograph your wedding personally, you’ll need to check out MENARY WEDDINGS. For all Menary Collective clients, Shannon oversees emails, customer service, and wedding album design, while Shaun inspects and approves all final imagery to be delivered. You’ll still get the experience, quality, and attention of Menary Weddings but with your associate photographer’s slight artistic perspective and a little lower of a price tag!

Will the Menary Collective service my destination wedding?


Absolutely! All of our photographers have the travel bug and would LOVE to join you on your wedding adventure! Travel costs are rolled into your package, so simply INQUIRE HERE for an information guide regarding destination wedding coverage.

Do I get to pick my associate wedding photographer?


Typically, we have a rotating assignment system so we can share the love among all our phenomenal associate wedding photographers, and we must say, you CANNOT GO WRONG with any of them! That’s why we spent so much time vetting before asking these three ladies to join The Menary Weddings Collective. BUT if you do find yourself drawn strongly to one of them, we would be happy to check her availability first.

What do you wear on wedding days?


In efforts to blend in with the event, look professional, and dress to the occasion, all Menary Collective associate photographers wear all black, business formal attire.

What gear to you use?

All Menary Collective associate photographers shoot on Canon 5d models.

Ready to get this party started?