"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

you're engaged! to that we say "Right on!" Marriage is truly the most glorious adventure and unconditional love the most liberating gift, and We're grateful you're considering us to be a small part of it. Below you'll find a bit about us, and we'd be most delighted to hear about you!

Our Philosophy

We are wedding photographers for couples who value photography. Of all possible paths lives can take, it should be essentially impossible for two perfectly matched people even to find each other, let alone grow to love each other to the same depth at the same time. What is worth documenting if not that?

Our Style

Consider us your wedding day curators, creatively cementing moments into memories. We know that you want breathtaking wedding photos and that you'll want to remember your wedding day the way it was. Thus, we intentionally navigate the delicate line between documentation and art. The result is your curated collection of candid moments and expertly crafted portraits, creative yet accessible, thoughtfully constructed and uniquely yours. Yes, we'll get some of those look-at-the-camera-and-smile-ers for Mom and for solidarity. But we're after the head-back-mouth-open laughs and the furtive lovers' glances - the interactions that'll still make your heart skip a beat after a decade of marriage.

Our Images

We love four types of images: intimate couples' portraits, candid interactions teeming with joy, wide images featuring thoughtful complexity, and lively captures of dance floor shenanigans. Should an impromptu adventure amidst a sweeping landscape be involved, we're there. In any scenario, we embrace the natural and relaxed. In lieu of meticulous posing, we'll give you some direction, as much or as little as you need, and then capture the connection as it ignites. If you've never had cameras on you all day, we have our methods of getting you comfortable (a shameless application of wine and/or whiskey). Also, we love to explore light, reflections, and textures, and we utilize off-camera flashes and other techniques to deliver a diversity of photos. And if you want to do something unique, themed, or edgy, look no further.

Our Experience

Shaun has a photography degree, can effectively shoot in any indoor and outdoor lighting situation, and has personally photographed over 300 weddings. Basically, we've got you covered. Yeah, that's a photography pun.

Our Location

We are Texans at root and nomads at heart. So we are a Dallas wedding photographerdestination wedding photographer, and elopement photographer studio, shooting both home in Dallas and wherever our couples take us. No wedding is too far, no adventure too small. 

Our Pricing

We are a high-quality wedding photographer with ten years of experience, and we offer day-of, weekend-of, and destination wedding coverage, as well as portrait sessions and albums. For specific pricing for your event, fill out a quick contact page, and we’ll get back to you quickly with the appropriate information guide.

Our Availability

We LOVE our couples. Love them. So in order to provide the highest quality wedding photography possible, we service only 15 weddings per year. You can visit our contact page to check availability for your wedding date. If we’re already retained, one of the radically talented and wonderfully kind associate photographers from THE MENARY WEDDINGS COLLECTIVE would be delighted to serve you.

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